Our Culture

  • Sutor's Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Strategies for Sustainable Growth
  • Concept

Provides superior products and services to our customers, contributing to the ongoing industrial upgrading and urbanization processes, and building strong communities in China.

To become the largest manufacturer of fine processed steel products in China, and, through technical innovation, maintain our leadership position in the Chinese fine processed steel industry and in customer services.

  1. Provide quality products and superior services at competitive prices;
  2. Research and development of high-end new products via technologic innovation to meet the needs of ongoing industrial upgrading;
  3. Further expand into downstream operations to enhance our vertically integrated business model and one-stop shopping experience for our customers and expand production capacity to improve profits and profitability;
  4. Provide our integrity and compassion as a corporate citizen and create a win-win situation for Sutor's customers, suppliers, employees, local communities as well as all of its stakeholders.

better idea better future

Sutor, standing for 'Succeed Together', persistently aims to reach mutual growth with its stakeholders.

First of all, with cutting-edge European steel manufacturing technologies and facilities and in-house developed technology, combined with advanced management information systems, Sutor’s production and management efficiency is at the world class level, providing high quality products for customers in solar energy, household appliances, auto, IT, building and construction and other industries. It provides a win-win situation for Sutor and its customers.

Secondly, Sutor is committed to being a responsible corporation and supporting the communities in which it operates. The track record of Sutor’s philanthropic and other social work demonstrates Sutor’s dedication to creating a better society. This is a win-win situation for Sutor and the community.

Finally, Sutor’s integrated business model and innovative and entrepreneurial management style contribute to better personal and professional development. Through internal and external training and communications, it not only improves the company’s competitive advantages, but also provides an excellent platform for employees to realize their value, thus providing a win-win situation for Sutor and its employees.

"Succeed Together" is embedded in Sutor’s operating ideology and is reflected in the company’s growth history.

'Huaye' brand represents upscale, excellent and valuable.

"Huaye" brand covers heavy steel pipes, acid pickled, cold-rolled, hot-dip galvanized and pre-painted galvanized steel sheets, serving downstream industries including solar energy, auto, building and construction, household appliances, IT, piling, oil & gas transmission systems which have lately enjoyed significant growth in China.

In addition, with the application of AGC automatic control systems, improved Sendzimir method and UEC hot dip galvanizing process, "Huaye" branded products meet the stringent international quality standards.

Finally, having in-house developed patents, a portfolio of product offering and an integrated modern production process, Sutor achieved the leadership status in the high-end processed steel niche market in China.